Illegal Migrants From Lebanon Heading To Italy Couldn’t Make It Past The Greek Coast


In the midst of this economic turmoil and desolation, attempts of illegal migration from Lebanon continue as people are seeking a way out despite the high risk of sailing the Mediterranean Sea on hazardous boats.

Last Thursday, 60 migrants sailed off the Northern Coast of Lebanon and headed towards Italy. But by the time they reached their destination’s territorial waters, their boat was nearly sinking, according to Al-Jadeed.

They were rescued by the European coast guards, as shown in a video circulating on social media, and arrived in Greece on Tuesday night.

For many in crises-crippled Lebanon, chances of survival are so slim in the country that they are willing to face the high-risk venture into the unknown, without any assurance that they would make it out alive, or that they would be welcome anywhere else. 

In this instance, the migrants did make it out alive. But others did not face the same fate with many tragedies witnessed these past 2 years.

More recently, in April, the boat that carried 84 illegal migrants sank in Tripoli. According to the Lebanese authorities, 7 died, including a baby, 45 were rescued and the others are still missing. 

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