Lebanese Minister Of Telecommunication Finally Joined Twitter

The Lebanese Minister of telecommunication finally

joined Twitter

on Wednesday. Minister, Jamal Jarrah, was welcomed by Ogero’s director general, Imad Kreidieh.

Some sarcastically made jokes: Translation: ” #MinisterofTelecommunication discovers Social Media”

Others are hopeful that the Minister, just like many others, will use Twitter and social media as a way to engage with the citizens. However, the Minister doesn’t seem to have responded to any tweets in the 2 days since he joined Twitter. Instead, the account is used to tweet updates about where he’s going and who he’s meeting. Like meeting the Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea:

Meeting with Robo Builders who won 2nd place in America for mechanical design:

As well as various other meetings:

He also tweeted his participation in the reopening of a small castle in Anjar in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Tourism:

Earlier this year, the Minister said that they are working on reducing the cost of internet and telecom services. During an interview on Voice of Lebanon, he indicated that work is underway to operate through fiber optics. Once functioning, the 4G service will be available to subscribers nationwide. We really hope, instead of having his team update us with his day to day life, that he uses the platform to connect and engage with the people by answering their questions and addressing their concerns. As well as keeping us updated with the work that they are doing. Follow us on Twitter:

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