Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications vows to oppose new taxes

Weeks after the formation of the national government, newly appointed ministers have been vowing to establish many new effective plans to improve the country’s status.


Telecommunications Minister Mohamed Choucair stated that he will oppose any new taxes in the cabinet.

“I will be the first to stand in the face of new taxes in the cabinet,” Choucair said during an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio (100.3).

Adding that the government should look to solve the economic and financial situation by addressing the deficit-ridden electricity sector and reducing wasteful spending.


Via Alhadeel.net

During his honoring by the Lebanese Economic Bodies, Choucair said: “the increase in taxes in such economical situations will only result in a loss: loss of jobs, closing institutions, a decline in growth rates, decline in internal and external investments, and escape of the local companies to the outside.

Choucair stated that his goal is to “create an atmosphere conducive to business and investment and to increase the competitiveness of our national economy, pointing out that this is the key to the real solution to our various economic, financial, and social problems”.


Via Amnesty

Minister Mohamed Choucair is one of the new 30-member government that took office at the end of January 2019.

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