14-Year-Old Girl Was Handcuffed And Set On Fire In A Horrific Murder In Lebanon


Another day in Lebanon, another fire breaks out. However, this time it broke out inside an apartment in Beirut, where after extinguishing it out, a body of a minor was discovered.

The body of a 14-year-old girl was found terribly burned in one of the abandoned apartments in that building in the heart of Bourj al-Barajneh in Lebanon, on Friday.

The teenager, identified as Zeinab al-Husseini, has been confirmed to have been taken hostage, handcuffed, and “soaked in a gallon of petrol” before she was set on fire, local reports said.

The Lebanese Army Intelligence arrested the murderer, with the initials of “A.Q.” in the Bir al-Abed are. As well as his associates in the crime, (MS) and his son (A.S.) who have a history of drug crimes and facilitating prostitution.

According to LBCI, Zeinab was not the only victim. Another minor with the initials of “Z.B.” has been confirmed to be another victim of sexual abuse by the same predators, except she wasn’t in the house on the day of the fire.

The victim’s father, Atef al-Husseini told a local news outlet that his daughter had left the house a few days ago before the tragic event happened. When she did not return home, the family reported her as missing to authorities.

The father received the shocking news on Friday when he was requested to help in identifying his daughter’s body. A horror for any father to face… The body of his young daughter was so badly burnt that he was unable to identify her. A DNA test had to be done.

The medical examiner was unable to determine whether the teenager was sexually assaulted before her murder. Yet, it is almost certain at this point to be the motive behind the horrific killing.

The victim’s family called on authorities to act as quickly as possible to make sure that the ones responsible for this revolting crime won’t escape their much-deserved punishment. 

Despite the tragedy, the victim’s father told local news with a broken heart that he hopes his daughter died before she was set alight so that she did not have to feel the pain of being burnt alive.

According to the forensic doctor, it appears that it isn’t the case. Zeinab the minor was still alive when these inhuman criminals set the fire.

“What happened to my daughter is a crime, and as history has proved, there is no justice in this country,” her father told Nidaa Al-Watan news agency. “I hope that public outrage over this crime puts pressure on authorities to act quickly.”

The Lebanese public is outraged, indeed, and horrified. Zeinab’s tragedy has been trending on Twitter with people expressing their horror and calling for justice equal to the committed horror.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is a monstrous crime in every sense of the word. The most severe punishment must be inflicted on them, and their full names and photos must be mentioned. Enough covering anyone up.”