6 Modern Art Museums Outside Of Beirut You Should Visit

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When reminiscing about the Lebanese modern art era, we only consider visiting Beirut. However, modern and contemporary art is also widespread throughout the rest 10,452 km2.

Here is a list of must-visit museums showcasing transcendent modern Lebanese art exhibitions.


Located on the beautiful Chekka sea coast, NABU changes exhibitions every couple of months.


Go up from Batroun and Chekka for this pleasant getaway. In the village of Rachana, home of the sculptors Basbous brothers, Anachar Basbous recently opened MAB to showcase his work. More than fifty works of art are on display both indoors and outdoors in a place that has a special edgy and modern feel.


MACAM or the Modern And Contemporary Art Museum offers a unique experience because it is the only Lebanese museum that displays a permanent exhibition of sculptors and installations. The old factory-turned-museum is located in Alita, around 15 minutes uphill from the highway.

Mtein Museum of Arts

Going even more uphill, the Mtein Museum of Arts boasts a collection of over 60 paintings, sculptures, and photographs donated by Lebanese and non-Lebanese artists.

Launched in 2013 and relaunched on June 30, 2023, the museum is an initiative by the municipality to preserve the town’s rich heritage.

Atelier Assaf

A fusion of nature, culture, and art happens at Atelier Assaf in Chouf. Surrounded by 10,000 square meters of pristine nature, the project started with three artists’ brothers devoted to “passing down a heritage of carving stones through the generations.” The Atelier’s visit includes a sculpture park, a rustic environmental house, and a small botanical garden.

Symposium Aley

Aley, the Cultural Capital of the Mountain, is the home to an open-air garden that contains more than 300 sculptures from artists all around the world. The sculptures spread around Aley Ras el Jabal, also Piscine Street (opposite Casino Piscine Aley), Main Street Aley, and Balcony Aley.


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