Lebanese Mothers Defied the Storm to March for Love and Unity

Following the drastic events of November 26, a tense atmosphere clouded over Lebanon accompanied by heavy clouds signaling November rain. The intense scenes of provocation and violence that the Lebanese watched in various areas in Lebanon brought back some dark memories for many.


But as the rain of November came down from the grey clouds and washed away the menacing black tar of the night before, the people of Lebanon rushed to repaint the air with the colors of love that they had gotten used to during their 40+ days of peaceful demonstrations.

Catching up with the remarkable initiative of the mothers and residents of Ain al Remmaneh and Chiyah to assert their unity, a similar initiative to call out attempts of sectarian conflicts took place in Jal El-Dib, north of Beirut.

The women of the city made it a point to express solidarity and unity in a unique way, marching in a call for Love among the nation. The pouring rain did not prevent them to undertake their march. They went on, making their statement of unity, and distributing flowers to the soldiers of the Lebanese Army.


“The March of Love” is what they called it, and through it they sent two messages to the beholders of their sacred rally. The first was addressed to the innocent, scared, and uncertain people of Lebanon, and those who were affected and/or traumatized by the savagery that took advantage of their peaceful gatherings.

As the name of the march implies, this message was one of love and affection. It aimed to comfort its recipients and show them that the trademarks that have come to define the Lebanese revolution -those of peacefulness, union, and solidarity- will continue to rise from the ashes of destruction left behind by the hateful and the malevolent.

Via Lebanon Files


The second statement, which the March of Love made, targeted the bringers of chaos; those who try to kill the noble cause of the revolution every day with their mindless tactics.

That message is one of defiance; a strong voice of resistance in the face of the destroyers of human values and rights. It declares to the oppressors that their forces of hatred and hostility will crumble before those of peace and love, as they have so many times since the beginning of the uprising.

The loving spirit of the Lebanese will surely overcome the obstacles lying ahead, and they will come out of this tough period a stronger and more resilient people.



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