10 Lebanese Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

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Lebanese talent is rising and widely available on global platforms as several Lebanese movies are now streaming on Netflix.

Get ready to be amazed by some moving stories that cannot be narrated better than by Lebanese filmmakers.


During summer in Beirut, although still ravaged by the Civil War, Toufic is trying to lead a normal life. However, his life is turned even more upside down when real danger threatens him as he tries to meet a woman at an after-hours party.

West Beirut

Amid the Civil War, Beirut is divided, and Tarek and his best friend Omar find themselves living in West Beirut. After school closes, they spend most of their time filming on a Super 8 camera. They start playing games and attempting to travel from West to East Beirut, where they meet new people along the way. However, soon enough, adventure ruthlessly turns into tragedy.

Under the Bombs

Taking place during the 2006 war, a mother is desperately looking for her missing son. A cab driver empathizes with her and agrees to escort her on her dangerous trip. Starring George Khabbaz and Nada Abou Farhat, this film was the Lebanese entry for Best Foreign Film at the 71st Oscars but did not make the final cut.

Halal Love (and Sex)

The movie tells the stories of four Beiruti men and women trying to make sense of their sexual desires while respecting their traditions and religious devotions. The four stories interconnect in a tragic and comedic way.

Blind Intersections

A story about actions and reactions taking place in Beirut. Three strangers in one city: their life trajectories never seem to intersect. Yet, in seconds, a single incident will drastically change their lives and leave their fates linked and forever changed.


Two lovers from different backgrounds: Joud, a handsome sound engineer, and Rana, a free-spirited model, fall in love. After Rana’s parents forbid her from seeing Joud, the young lover finds new ways of communicating with his soulmate.


Set in Northern Lebanon, Yara lives peacefully on a farm alone with her grandmother. In the dull village, Yara will experience the joys and pains of a first love after Elias, a young hiker, passes by the two women’s farm.

Solitaire (Mahbas)

In a modern Lebanese comedy, a young man must confront his mother’s disapproval as he fights for permission to marry his Syrian girlfriend. The film humorously tackles themes of prejudice and racism, highlighting the complexities of intercultural relationships and the power love has to challenge societal norms.


While titled “Farah”, the main character of this Lebanese thriller is Lina. Although taking medications from her pharmaceutical father, she continues to experience dark nightmares. Determined, Lina seeks to elucidate a series of family secrets to regain her sanity.


This Lebanese short film was shortlisted for the 95th Academy Awards. In only 16 minutes, the movie tells the story of a Syrian crane operator who accepts a job in challenging circumstances only to discover a new sense of self above Beirut.

العربية Français

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