Lebanese MP Declares ‘Economic & Social Emergency’ In Tripoli

Lebanese MP Declares 'Economic Emergency' In Tripoli

Lebanese MP Faisal Karami just declared what he called “a state of economic and social emergency” in the city of Tripoli, northern Lebanon, on Saturday.

Karami, President of the Arab Liberation Party, called for an emergency meeting at his residence in a speech addressing officials and representatives of local syndicates, as well as members of the Municipality of Tripoli.

The aim of the proposed meeting is to study ways to fight the economic and social crises facing the people of Tripoli, “who, like the rest of the Lebanese, are experiencing unprecedented difficult conditions in the provision of basic commodities,” he said.

Karami warned that leaving the situation unattended would lead to “a social disaster” that may threaten general stability and “foreshadow the spread of chaos, in all its forms, in society.”

In line with these observations, the attendees agreed to keep their meetings open and to monitor developments in Tripoli‘s general situation and the prevailing crises, in order to take appropriate action to face them.

The official’s warnings came after the Lebanese pound plummeted to a new low on Saturday, sparking protests in Tripoli and across Lebanon and prompting many business owners to close their shops to avoid loss.

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