Lebanese MP Just Suspended Her Role In Parliament For A Job Abroad

Dima Rachid Jamali/Facebook | Emirates News Agency

MP Dima Rachid Jamali has just assumed the position of Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, putting on hold her position in the Lebanese Parliament.

In a statement released by her press office, she clarified that she took on the new job and “suspended her participation” in parliament because she “regretfully realized that working there did not provide the desired result.”

However, she did not resign and is still a member of Lebanon’s parliament.

She declared that the temporary suspension of her duties in parliament is in response to the August 4 Beirut port blast, which occurred over two months ago.

According to her press office, Jamali will not reassume her role in parliament “until a radical change is made in Lebanon’s political scene or until early parliamentary elections are held.”

She also clarified that since the Oct. 17 Revolution, she had transferred her monthly salary to go to struggling families as well as to associations that are helping marginalized communities in Lebanon.

In addition, she noted that she will continue to follow from afar the affairs of her hometown Tripoli and its people.

Not long ago, former minister Raya El-Hassan also took on a new career when hired as the CEO of BankMed.

Meanwhile, citizens of all ages are not being so lucky. They are still struggling with a major lack of job opportunities in Lebanon.

Those with jobs have had their salaries cut in half because of the severe economic crises, while others have lost their jobs altogether.

In fact, it is estimated that 1 million Lebanese will be unemployed by 2021; unless, by some miraculous straightening of the officials’ responsibilities, reforms will be urgently implemented the soonest with the newly re-designated PM Hariri.

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Lebanese MP Just Suspended Her Role In Parliament For A Job Abroad

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