Lebanese MP Wants to Include Physical Education in Official Exams


MP Simon Abi Ramia proposed to the Presidency of the Lebanese House of Representatives a new law that will better the overall health of the Lebanese and Lebanon’s society.

This new law, if accepted, will include Physical Education as a basic subject in the Lebanese Official Exams for Intermediate and High School diplomas.

This will lead Lebanese students to allocate a serious focus on sports, which will benefit significantly their physical health and wellbeing.

Lebanese Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee. Photo: Lebanon Debate

MP Abi Ramia, while issuing this statement, was well aware that there are other priorities in the country, like the debts, the economic and financial crisis, the spread of the Coronavirus, etc.

However, as the Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee in Lebanon, Abi Ramia saw it as his duty to bring the request forward to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nabih Berri.

As he stated, sports are one of the basic criteria for good health and a sound mind, and for the health of society as a whole.

Lebanon Offical Exams. Photo: The Daily Star

“All the Lebanese who were educated outside of Lebanon know that it is a basic subject in all schools”, the MP said.

“But, in Lebanon, the reality is that school administrations neglect this issue, and sports are not considered a basic subject like mathematics, physics, etc.,” he pointed out.

We are indeed tackling many crises in Lebanon but building for a better future is part of solving our problems, which we don’t lack in our society.

Photo: Athletico SC

With that goal in mind, MP Simon Abi Ramia has now requested that Physical Education be approved as a required subject in Official Exams for students to acquire their Intermediate and High School diplomas.

By this, the MP continued, we will have made a qualitative change, and given sports the chance to better the Lebanese people’s performance in society.

At the end of his statement, MP Abi Ramia hoped that the Lebanese Ministry of Education takes this suggestion into account and that the House of Representative contributes to its approval.

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