Lebanese MP Cynthia Zarazir Will Bring Her Gun Into The Parliament From Now On

Annahar | @cynthia Zarazir

MP Cynthia Zarazir confirms that what she is being exposed to is not the result of the hour, and she informed the parliament guards not to repeat their behavior with her, adding, “I do not know if my car will be stolen if I park it outside the parking lot.”

The most dangerous thing about Zarazir’s words is that 10 days ago she heard a warning, more of a threat, that “her life would be ended with a single bullet.”

The statement, according to Zarazir, prompted her to ask the Lebanese army chief, General Joseph Aoun, whether she had the right to bring a gun into the Parliament.

He replied in the affirmative, so Zarazir bought a gun and she will “only enter the parliament armed with it as long as the law allows it,” as she stated to Annahar daily.

MP Cynthia Zarazir has recently stepped up to expose harassment, bullying, and sexism in the parliament, which has triggered outrage in the Lebanese civil society.

It was soon followed by Amnesty International condemning patriarchy in the Lebanese parliament and calling on Speaker Nabih Berri to “shoulder the responsibility of ending this abuse of women and stop encouraging a hostile environment for women.”

It urged the parliament to respect human rights and implement the law criminalizing sexual harassment that was issued in 2020.

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