Lebanese Music Lovers Are Invited To Their Roofs & Balconies On Sunday

All Lebanese Are Invited To Sing From _3al Balcon
AFP / Philippe Lopez | Yazan Halwani

Under the slogan, “the balcony is my country,” all Lebanese citizens are invited to sing and play music from their roofs and balconies, this Sunday.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Music Day, the French Institute in Lebanon invites “all Lebanese, amateurs and professionals, to play music on their roofs, balconies, terraces, and gardens on Sunday, June 21st.”

The Institute also invites people to take plenty of pictures and videos of their Sunday participation in the “Music Festive 2020” and post them on social media platforms under the hashtags #FDLMLiban and #3albalcon.

On its own social media accounts, the Institute said it will be launching a media campaign to entice wide participation for this event from music lovers all across Lebanon.

Additionally, it will broadcast a unique music program featuring professional artists and collaborators, during the weekend event.

“On these roofs, these balconies, these terraces, and these gardens,” the French Institute’s event announcement read, “characteristics of the Lebanese architectural heritage, of a way of life and of an urban identity which tends to disappear, we find today a new form of freedom and life.”

In a popular and festive spirit, “on the whole of the national territory,” it encourages, “let us make these roofs, these balconies, these terraces, and these gardens spaces of expression and sharing, together, let us make music, 3al balcony!”

Singing from balconies has not been an alien activity for the Lebanese in the past few months.

When the health situation forced Lebanon into lockdown this year, people resorted to blasting music and holding birthday parties from their balconies and roofs to escape the isolation.

Some even held a memorable balcony marriage proposal, and they caught it on camera!

Speaking of balconies, did you hear about the crocodile that kept jumping from its Lebanese owner’s balcony?

Music lovers across Lebanon just got themselves a date on their balconies and roofs!

This is probably what the Lebanese need during these challenging times: A day of positive and happy vibes, so they can collectively forget, for at least one day, the struggles the nation is enduring.

One thing for sure, this Sunday promises to be spectacular!

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