Lebanese Musician Takes ‘Le Grand Spectacle’ to Romania This Month

Toni Makhoul will perform in Romania this month

Le Grand Spectacle is a remarkable concert that Lebanese musician Toni Makhoul has recently created and produced. The show debuted in October 2019 in Casino du Liban, and Makhoul will present it outside Lebanon for the first time this month.

The grand, one-and-only show will be taking place at the renowned Bucharest National Opera House in Romania, on March 30th. The Lebanese artist will be collaborating with “Philharmonic Mirea” and “Zuralia Orchestra” to present his concert.

Earlier, Relu Balkan, the Romanian musician founder of these orchestras, invited Toni Makhoul to co-organize the concert with him.

In response, Makhoul said he is “honored to organize Le Grand Spectacle in Romania, at the invitation of Relu Balkan.”

The spectacular production will include more than 100 performers in a special mixture of Music Compositions, Philharmonic Orchestra, Singers, Dancers, Choirs, and Artistic Video Displays.

Notably, Toni Makhoul himself will be playing his guitar as he guides the performance on stage. Additionally, all of the music that will be played at the show is written, composed, and arranged exclusively by Makhoul.

An impressive array of talent

On the other hand, Lebanese Pianist, Producer, and Composer Bassam Challita will be conducting the Romanian orchestra. The show will also feature a variety of guest musicians.

The choreography by the Lebanese Sandra Abbas and Asadour Euredjian will feature a diverse set of dance styles. In collaboration with a Romanian choreographer, the duo has prepared a magnificent dancing performance.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Toni Makhoul said: “I wanted to create one of the best shows featuring the maximum possible kinds of art and performances.”

He continued, saying he has chosen to work “with the elite Lebanese and Romanian artists, without minimizing on anything.”

Finally, Makhoul noted that “this distinctive show will be touring the world, showcasing artistic scenes beautifully diversified, reflecting a civilized image of Lebanon, and sending a message of love to the whole world.”

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