10+ Exceptional Lebanese Composers Who Make Us Proud

Over the past century, many Lebanese composers and musicians blessed us with their talents and left us with the music of legends.

Now, we listen to their music with the nostalgia for a Golden Era of Lebanon, a better time. We can pick up their unique works out from all the pop and mainstream music of today.

Here are some Lebanese musicians and composers who have made Lebanon proud!

#1 The Rahbani Brothers

Rahbani Brothers biography | Last.fm

Assi and Mansour Rahbani are of the most well-known legends in the music scene in Lebanon. Their music left an impact on Lebanon both socially and culturally. They are most known for their work with Lebanese icon Fairouz.

#2 Elie Choueiry

Elie Choueiry - Home | Facebook

Born in 1935, Elie Choueiry is a singer and composer. He has composed famous hits like Eyyam el Loulou and Biktob Ismik Ya Bladi.

In 2017, President Michel Aoun awarded the composer with the National Cedar Meda, in recognition of his social and artistic heritage.

#3 Philemon Wehbe

Philemon Wehbe - Actor - Photo Gallery

Known best for his classic Sanferlo, Philemon has composed over 2,000 pieces – and without formal musical education! His work was sung by Fairouz and other legends.  

#4 Charbel Rouhana

Charbel Rouhana - Flamenco - YouTube

Born in 1965, Charbel Rouhana is a musicologist famous for playing the oud instrument. He studied at the Holy-Spirit University Kaslik (USEK) and has a master’s in musicology.

He is known for Hi Kifak Ca Va, which pokes fun at the way Lebanese people talk using various languages in their everyday lives. 

#5 Ziad Rahbani

Ziad Rahbani - Wikipedia

Being the son of musical legends, Fairouz and Assi Rahbai, it’s no surprise he himself has grown to become an influential musician, writing music for his mother, like Kifak IntaI and Habbaytak Ta Nsit El Nawm. 

#6 Zaki Nassif 

As a composer, Nassif aimed to stay traditional but also added a fresh spark to old folk songs. He was born in 1918 and was one of the most influential composers of his time.

#7 Jamal Abou El-Hosn

Jamal Abou el hosn on Livestream

Jamal Abou El-Hosn pursued arts and music from a young age and is a well-studied composer. He combines his love for music and art in his worldwide performances. 

#8 Marcel Khalife

Why Marcel Khalife refused to sing the Lebanese national anthem at ...

Marcel Khalife is one of the most legendary Lebanese musicians of modern time. He is a composer, singer, and oud player. Born in 1950 in Amchit, Khalife does not hide his resistance to the occupation of Palestine. 

#9 Guy Manoukian

Guy Manoukian

Manoukian is a Lebanese Armenian pianist and composer. “My music can be described as a bridge between the orient and the occident,” he has said. 

#10 Ihsan Al Mounzer

Evergreen Medley - By Maestro Ihsan Al-Mounzer - YouTube

Ihsan Al Mounzer is a Lebanese composer and musical arranger. He is famous for his various instrumental musical compositions that people love to listen to and dance to. 

#11 Bushra El Turk

Bushra El-Turk - Composer

She is an award-winning Lebanese composer born in London. She has written over 50 works for various performances and was selected by BBC as one of “the most inspiring 100 Women of today.”

#12 The Fleifel Brothers

One Fine Art | artists - musicians / Fleifel Brothers

Mohammad and Ahmad Fleifel were inspired by the situation in Lebanon and wrote and composed one of the most influential patriotic anthems: Mawtini.

They wrote over a thousand rebellious poems and songs and were quite the troublemakers. 

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