Lebanese PM-Designate Najib Mikati Pledges To Honor French Initiative

Lebanese PM-Designate Mikati Pledges To Honor French Initiative
Sputnik/Abdul Kader Albay

Upon his appointment to form a new cabinet in Lebanon, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati pledged to work in line with the French initiative aimed at ending the Lebanese political crisis.

“It is natural for me to ask for the MPs’ confidence, but today I need the confidence of the people,” Mikati said in a speech following his appointment by President Michel Aoun.

“The time is not for bickering, the time is for the cooperation of all Lebanese,” he said.

Mikati was appointed after receiving 72 votes during the parliamentary consultations on Monday, succeeding former PM-designate Saad Hariri in the attempt to break the political deadlock that has blocked the formation of a new government in Lebanon for months.

“Had I not had specific external assurances, I would not have taken my step, and I am reassured,” he said, referring to his willingness to take on the position.

“In cooperation with the President of the Republic, we will reach the formation of a government according to the principles of the French initiative.”

The parliamentary consultations regarding Mikati‘s designation are set to take place at the Lebanese Parliament on Tuesday morning.

The formation of a new government capable of implementing reforms is deemed as the first step toward rescuing Lebanon from its current crisis.

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