The Lebanese National Conservatory of Music Is Holding Free Concerts Every Week

The Lebanese National Conservatory of Music is holding free concerts every week which are open to the public. The National Conservatory was founded, almost a hundred years ago, in the 1920s by Wadih Sabra. In 1959, the conservatory became an autonomous national institute under the supervision of the minister of education. This was following a request by the President Camille Chamoun. During the civil war, the National Conservatory suffered a great deal of damage and all the instruments, documents and library were looted and burnt. It was reopened and upgraded right after the war. The National Conservatory now has more than 5000 students and 14 branches across Lebanon; Beirut, Jounieh, Dhour-el-Choueir, Ain-Saadeh, Zahle, Saida, Aley, Baakline, Batroun, Tripoli and Choueifat. A new branch opened in Zghorta last year. The Conservatory also opened a branch in the Roumieh prison in 2000. The Conservatory plays a major role in the field of musical education as well as promoting culture in the Lebanese society. It presents more than 70 concerts a year. They have concerts every Friday in the Monot church at 8:30. You can find the upcoming events



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