Lebanese Officers in Relation to the Ouzai Shooting Were Just Arrested

On the day of the parliamentary session on February 11, a murder-suicide took place in the Ouzai ISF station. A man by the name of Hassan Al-Hussein stormed into the station with his mother to free his brother.


In the process, an altercation occurred and he shot 2 soldiers and a captain before shooting himself in the head. As a result of the incident, Military Prosecutor Peter Germanos, who had previously resigned, issued a decision to arrest Abbas al-Musawi and Ali al-Musawi.

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A judicial source told the Daily Star that the two are now in custody. They are currently facing charges of negligence that led to the death of Major Jalal Shrief and  Sergeant Major Ziad Attar.


According to reports, Hussein was unarmed when he entered the station. He got into a fight with his brother after which the officers were forced to intervene. He was able to disarm Shreif and take his gun. After he shot him and the two other personnel, he turned the gun around and shot himself in the head.

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Only one of the victims, Ali Amhaz, survived his injuries, while Major Jalal Shreif and Sergeant Major Ziad Attar died as a result of the attack. Shreif, who was 31 years old at the time of the shooting, was promoted from captain to major after his death. He has served in multiple stations since joining in 2007.


During his service, he has been rewarded numerous awards in his lifetime, which are: Medal of War, Medal of the Wounded, National Medal of Cedar with Knight Rank, Lebanese Order of Merit of the Third Order, Medal of Internal Security, and Medal of Merit. He leaves behind a wife and 2 young daughters.

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After the incident, 30 detainees managed to escape the station to an unknown destination. According to the Daily Star, 7 fugitives are still on the run since February 13th