Lebanese Ministers & Deputies Will Reportedly Get Vaccinated First

CTC | Al-Jazeera

According to local media sources, the COVID-19 vaccine that is set to arrive through the Ministry of Health will be issued to vaccinate the Lebanese ministers and members of parliament first, followed by the government’s general directors and down the administrative hierarchy.

Basically, this update doesn’t concur with what was officially announced that the vaccine will be first administered to the most vulnerable to the virus. Apparently, the senior officials in the country take priority or are deemed the most vulnerable.

The public was quick to react, again, as the people took to social media to voice out their opinions on the matter, and some not without sarcasm.

“Not a wrong thing since we tried everything to get rid of them, maybe the vaccine will do the job. Let us test it out first on them,” one social media user wrote.

Some had a good point to make, reasonable pieces of advice that will probably remain unheeded; the priority to be for the army, internal security forces, and health workers.

As of yet, no official statement has been issued in that regard whether to confirm it or deny it.

This development comes after news broke out of a new law that should be passed for Lebanon to receive the already ordered vaccine, even though the Ministry of Health assured citizens back in December that the vaccines will be secured at the start of 2021.

Meanwhile, cases are still hitting alarming numbers, with no vaccine secured until now.

226,948 total cases have been recorded since the virus was first detected in the country in late February, as a total lockdown to curb the skyrocketing numbers loomed.

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