This Lebanese Old Man Waves At Cars Driving By Every Morning And His Story Is Quite Inspiring!

This Lebanese old man, nicknamed “Ammo Elias”, has been working at the Volkswagen dealership in Lebanon for 60 years. Every morning, he sits by the Dora highway and waves for people driving by with a big smile on his face. He started off working with the company at the age of 22 as a mechanic. Then he became part of the administration of Kettaneh, the company that owns the dealership, 25 years ago. During the civil war, he stayed 17 years alone looking over the place. During which he lost 2 of his staff members and close friends. He never left the dealership, not even to go home. He’s the first one to arrive at work and the last to leave. He’s often there from 3-3:30 in the morning and blesses the offices and the entire dealership with incense. He even said:

“I want to die at Kettaneh”

If that isn’t proof of true loyalty, then I don’t know what is!

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