Lebanese Olive Oil Just Won 2 Global Awards

Bustan El Zeitoun/NNA

An Additional achievement has positioned Lebanon among 37 countries as a top producer of premium extra virgin olive oil, owing to its success in four highly competitive international competitions.

The “Bustan El Zeitoun” brand from South of Lebanon garnered global recognition with two exceptional awards: The Quality Award for being among the top ten producers of limited production extra virgin olive oil (Top 10 EVOO Limited Production Award) at the EVOOLEUM Awards 2024.

The second is the 2023 EVOOWR Award for being the best Lebanese producer of extra virgin olive oil in 2023 within the global ranking (Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking – EVOOWR).

Bustan El Zeiton secured the (EVOOLEUM Awards 2024) in the “Itrana” olive oil category, thus earning a spot in the EVOOLEUM 2024 global reference and guide, which exclusively showcases the top 100 producers worldwide.

This list is endorsed by “Mercacei”, the Spanish magazine specializing in olive agriculture and industry, accredited by the Spanish Association for Olive Producing Municipalities (AEMO).

Eng. Walid Mchantaf, the owner of Bustan El Zeitoun, expressed,” Our Commitment to quality excellence, and adherence to approved standards has led to another award and a new global ranking in less than a year since the previous prestigious awards.

This achievement fills us with pride and highlights Lebanon’s leading role in this promising and vital sector […]”.

Bustan El Zeitoun is a premium extra virgin oil crafted from Italian olive tree varieties and cultivated in Aabra.

Its numerous awards worldwide serve as a genuine testament to its exceptional quality and excellence.

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