Lebanese-American Non-Profit Organization To Have Its 20th Anniversary Gala!

A Lebanese-American non-profit organization is having a gala

dinner to celebrate its 20th anniversary

. The

Social and Economic Action for Lebanon

(SEAL) was founded in 1997 in New York City by a group of Americans of Lebanese origins. SEAL aims at helping post-war Lebanon since it is economically and socially affected by the civil war. For this reason, this organization finances small-scale rural enterprises in all regions of Lebanon.

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https://www.facebook.com/SEALforLebanon/photos/a.159089307449704.34346.152793008079334/1871309422894342/?type=3&theater These are the main areas that SEAL focuses on:

  • Water and irrigation
  • Women in the workforce
  • Land and agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Business skills

SEAL achieved a lot in Lebanon in 2017. Thanks to the generosity of the donors, SEAL was able to finance 12 projects which helped 3,000 families. The long-term impact of the projects that SEAL implements is the improvement of the quality of life and the empowerment of the people who are affected by it. https://www.facebook.com/SEALforLebanon/photos/a.159089307449704.34346.152793008079334/1758024074222878/?type=3&theater This year’s gala dinner is going to be held at Capitale in Lower Manhattan on September 28. The gala dinner is going to highlight the achievements of SEAL. In fact, this non-profit organization has helped over 32,000 families and funded 125 projects. One of the amazing initiatives that SEAL has started is the installation of 42,000 meters of water pipes, and the distribution of 92,000 tree roots. The gala will feature the renowned Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila which will headline the dinner. Also, over 350 prominent Lebanese-Americans will be attending the event. SEAL is all about giving the opportunity for Lebanese-Americans to give back to their community and to help their country to stand back on its feet.

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