Lebanese Parliament Finally Approved The Animal Protection And Welfare Law!

The situation of our furry friends in Lebanon is pretty bad. With no animal protection law, people can get away with animal abuse easily. Gladly, the Parliament of Lebanon finally approved the animal protection and welfare law. After eight years of hard work and awareness campaigns, the Lebanese NGO Animals Lebanon and the Ministry of Agriculture’s commitment to protecting animals in Lebanon has finally paid off. This law protects all kinds of animals, whether they are pets or belong to the zoo. When the President signs this law, people or organizations who abuse or mistreat animals will deal with severe consequences. In fact, 

Animals Lebanon

is an animal protection organization in Lebanon that works on improving the state of animals. Days ago, organizations that protect animals were

boycotting a dolphin show in Lebanon

because these marine animals get abused while getting trained. In addition to that, they are kept in small tanks and cages. To note, May 4, 2017, marks the day when the Lebanese joint committee of ministers finally

approved the Animal Protection and Welfare Law. 

For the next and final step, the President Michel Aoun will be signing the law. After that, the law will be published in the official Gazette and it will fully be implemented.


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