Lebanese Parliament Failed Again To Elect A New President

Lebanese MPs concluded their parliamentary session on Thursday, failing to elect a new president for the ninth time since September.

Only 105 of the 128 members of parliament attended the session, many of which spoiled their votes.

4 of the ballots were canceled, one of which nominated the late South African president Nelson Mandela as a candidate.

“Holding a session every week won’t change anything,” stated Alain Aoun, a member of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).

Michel Moawad received the majority of support with 39 votes. However, these votes do not meet the requirements for the required majority.

Michel Aoun’s presidency ended on October 31, and the parliament has failed to elect his successor since his departure from office.

Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri has set the 10th and final session of the year for December 15.