Lebanese Parliament General Secretariat Just Denied MP Cynthia Zarazir’s Statements

Annahar | @cynthia Zarazir

The General Secretariat of the Lebanese parliament issued a statement denying what MP Cynthia Zarazir stated in some media outlets yesterday and through social media, calling it totally incorrect.

Pointing out that the General Secretariat in its performance and the performance of its administrative, legal, moral, and behavioral staff, “It is not in their vocabulary to distinguish between any of the MPs.”

The General Secretariat decided to respond to everything that MP Cynthia Zarazir stated about bullying, harassment, sexism, and porn magazines in the parliament.

“MP Zarazir knows that she and her colleagues, since the first day of her entry into the parliament, were granted everything from a parking lot for her car and a private office,” the statement issued.

Adding, “Every word from her, otherwise, is a slander and a denial of the truth.”

The General Secretariat expressed its hope that “MP Zarazir would be far from agitation, mobilization, and populism.”

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