Lebanese Parliament Lost Power Right Before Confidence Vote

Lebanese Parliament Loses Power Ahead Of Confidence Vote

Lebanese MPs are set to give their vote of confidence to the newly-formed Lebanese government on Monday, but the Parliament headquarters is basking in darkness.

At around 10:25 AM on Monday, the UNESCO Palace, which currently serves as the meeting point of Lebanon’s Parliament, lost its electricity, amid preparations for a special session.

As of the time of writing, the blackout at the palace is ongoing while some MPs are working to secure a 200-KVA generator to power the site for the confidence session.

“It’s okay if there is no electricity because the Lebanese people are all without electricity,” MP Roula Al-Tabash stated in a comment on the situation.

The blackout raised the question of whether the MPs would end up holding the important session in darkness.

What is actually happening, however, is that the session is being delayed due to this exceptional circumstance.

The parliamentary confidence vote is the last vital step in the new government’s transition to power.

The prevailing political atmosphere in Lebanon seems to indicate that the government will, as Prime Minister Najib Mikati said following its formation, receive Parliament’s confidence.

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Lebanese Parliament Lost Power Right Before Confidence Vote

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