Lebanese Parliament Elected Supreme Council For Prosecuting Presidents And Ministers

Al Jazeera

On Tuesday, July 26th, the Lebanese parliament convened in its first legislative session since the 2022 elections. During that session, the parliament elected 7 MPs by acclamation to become members of the Supreme Council for prosecuting presidents and ministers.

The 7 members are Jamil Al Sayyed (linked to Hezbollah), Abdel Karim Kabbara (independent), Faisal Al Sayegh (PSP), Hagop Pakradounian (Tashnag), George Atallah (FPM), Imad al-Hout (Islamic Group), and Tony Frangieh (Marada).

Moreover, MPs Kabalan Kabalan (Amal), Salim Aoun (FPM), and Jihad al-Samad (independent) were appointed alternate members of the council.

In response, families of the port explosion victims organized a sit-in in front of Parliament to protest against the election of this council.

Multiple political figures are calling for the council to become the only body with the power to prosecute the ministers and MPs accused in the Beirut Port explosion.

Many people, however, doubt that justice will be achieved, mainly because they deem most of the members of the new council to be from the same political class that was responsible for the Beirut Port explosion.

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