Lebanese Passport Applications Finally Returning ‘Back To Normal’

Lost Your Lebanese Passport? Here's What You Need To Do

General Director of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, announced that the application process for Lebanese passports is expected to return back to normal.

Due to high demand, the Lebanese General Security which manages passports created an online platform to facilitate the process.

However, due to a mix of state closures, being understaffed, and very high demand, the wait times for applications reached December 2024.

Ibrahim said that within a month, things “will return to how it was before the platform” as the high demand for passports has reduced

They will be canceling the platform and submissions will return to the “normal way” by next month.

Applicants can begin to expect text messages with their updated and moved up time slots.

Prices for the passport skyrocketed reaching among the most expensive worldwide despite progressively becoming one of the worst-ranking. Demand increased in the last couple of years and Lebanese are migrating en masse to escape the crises.