The Lebanese Passport Is One Of The Most Expensive In The World

Lebanese Passport Ranks Among 20 Weakest Passports In 2021

Cable News Network (CNN), published on Tuesday an article featuring the world’s most expensive passports, and the Lebanese passport is among the list.

CNN reported that the average cost of passports can vary between $100 to $160, and buying an adult US passport for the first time can cost at least $165, for those living in Lebanon.

However, renewing a Lebanese passport will now cost 1,200,000 LBP (or about $795) according to the Lebanese General Directorate of General Security.

Whereas Lebanese ex-pats renewing their passports at the New York or the Los Angeles Consulates are expected to pay $600 for 10 years.

“Lebanon is one of few countries that charge its local citizens more than expats abroad to renew passports,” commented CNN in the article.

The Lebanese passport is preceded by the Syrian passport, which costs $600 for 10 years; the Australian passport (about $220); the Cuban passport (about $270 for 10 years); the Liechtenstein passport (about $260); and the Mexican passport (about $170).

Yet, the Lebanese passport is one of the weakest in the world, according to the latest version of the Henley & Partners passport index.

The Lebanese passport was ranked in the 102nd position in 2021 for the second year in a row, similar to the ranking of Sri Lanka and Sudan.

According to the ranking, Lebanese passport holders are only allowed visa-free entry to 41 countries.

And the hardships of the Lebanese with their passports don’t end there. The General Directorate of Lebanese General Security issued a statement a few days ago announcing the suspension of passport renewal due to the unavailability of required funds for new stocks.

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