BBC video explores Lebanese people’s love for Mercedes-Benz

Lebanese people love driving Mercedes-Benz. This car brand is one of the most famous in Lebanon along with BMW. BBC explored the relationship between Lebanese people and Mercedes. This fandom started a long time ago. The Lebanese filmmaker Hady Zaccak even produced a film about the history of Mercedes in Lebanon. It is called


, just like Lebanese people pronounce it. You can watch it


. Zaccak told BBC that Mercedes is one of Lebanon’s many symbols such as the Cedar tree and Fairuz. It has always been around and united all social classes since “the poor, the leaders, and the wealthy” owned Mercedes. Most taxis or “service” in Lebanon are Mercedes cars. A cab driver told BBC that he loves this brand since it’s durable. People constantly ask him if they could buy his 40-year-old orange Mercedes. While it’s not as popular as it used to be, Mercedes is still a favorite in Lebanon!

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