Lebanese people can’t help but make jokes about Norma storm.. and they’re hilarious!

As usual, Lebanese people have this amazing talent of turning anything into a joke. A defense mechanism perhaps, but our ability to find laughter in any situation, no matter how hard it is, makes us who we are. 


Light-heartedness and positivity have always been the traits that make a Lebanese person special.

A few days ago, Lebanon was hit by a violent storm called “Norma.”  The storm lasted 3 long days. It resulted in roads being shut, floods all over Lebanon, people stuck in their vehicles, avalanches, and unfortunately numerous injuries.

Lebanese people joked their pain away. Social media was buzzing with many jokes and memes about ‘Norma’ and we have picked the funniest below!


“Need anything? I’m leaving to work.”

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Midflight dropoff

A Lebanese passenger on a plane asked the hostess (as a joke of course) if the pilot can drop him in Baalbek knowing that Dahr El Baydar road is closed.


Voice note

Just hit play. (make sure you turn on the audio and unmute the video)

New location

Frank’s Hot Dogs newest branch “Frank’s Seaview” in Dbayeh floods. 


Norma’s withdrawal

Breaking News: Storm Norma announces its withdrawal from Lebanon under the slogan “God help he who gets involved with Lebanese people”.

Lebanese Venice

“It is the same thing, you just prefer foreign countries!”

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Handy emergency numbers

Useful Telephone Numbers in Lebanon:

Via the961

Ragheb Alama, again

Ragheb Alama in the heart of the incident, always!



Bye Bye New Year’s Resolution

“In 2019, I will get rid of my Keresh!”

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Diving license

Told you!

Via Lebanese Jokes


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