Lebanese People Raised Over $1 Million to Feed Families In Need

Beit Al Baraka

Last month, SEAL launched a “Feed a Lebanese in Need” campaign to tackle Lebanon’s hunger crisis. Among other projects, the non-profit teamed up with Beit El Baraka (BEB) and the Lebanese Food Bank (LFB) and raised one million dollars in donations in only one hour. It was just the first day of their fundraiser.

According to Beit El Baraka, more than a third of the population live under the extreme poverty line of less than 7,000 LBP/4$ a day. The lockdown, along with lack of jobs and government support, leaves these people hopeless.

Many cannot afford to stay at home during the mandatory lockdown. They rely on their day to day income in order to feed their families. Such is the example of the taxi driver who set his car on fire because he received a fine for violating the lockdown.

With the help of 95 NGOs across the country, Beit El Baraka and the Lebanese Food Bank are trying to help people in vulnerable communities make it through the lockdown.

They are offering “emergency food all across Lebanon” and promote “sustainable living through providing vegetable seeds and plants in the hope to empower families to rely on themselves.”

In fact, the Lebanese Food Bank recently partnered up with the British Lebanese Association to provide 300 families living in Akkar with food boxes.

“This campaign is sending one clear message to all the Lebanese people in need: food is a human right, it is not to be used as a tool for votes,” wrote Beit El Baraka, as it announced that they’ve gathered $1 million in donations.

According to SEAL, one million dollars is enough to provide food boxes for 28,571 families. That’s over half the goal of 50,000 families.

The campaign is still running and you too can be a part of the magic that’s happening when people come together in the name of humanity. Register here.

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