Lebanese People Raise Their Fists Once Again Against Injustice

The Fist of the Revolution, and as some people call it The Fist of Dignity, was a gift from a Lebanese company to the revolution. It took its place in the Martyrs’ Square amid the heart of the protest in downtown Beirut, shortly after the revolution’s birth on 17 October.

This Fist signals the power of the people, that they can govern themselves and the country without any political or military intervention. Most importantly, it means that the first and final word is for the people.

It soon became the logo of the Lebanese revolution, and it stood its ground and witnessed the revolt of the people for almost a month.

This was the case until the acts of oppression and intimidation reached it. On the morning of Lebanon’s independence day, on November 22nd, thugs attacked the site again, putting fire on the Fist monument and burning it down along with its surroundings.

Protesters witnessed a man with his face covered in mask pouring flammable material in the area and then lighting it up with sulfur sticks. Some people camping in the Martyrs’ Square reported that, prior to his act of vandalism, this perpetrator sat with them, drank coffee, and chatted with them.

They shared that he has been coming around for a while and that he came early in the morning this time, and chatted with guys who invited him for coffee.

A while later, he informed them that he was about to do something inconvenient and hurtful. He insisted that he doesn’t want to do it but “he has to” and that he wished that they wouldn’t think badly of him. At that, he headed to the Fist monument and inflame it.

Even though the Fist had so much meaning for the people of the revolution, they didn’t seem to be very upset by the incident. The protesters were convinced that the revolution is in the mind, it is an idea, a thought, and those can’t be burned. 

That doesn’t mean they intend to carry one without it. They contacted the same company that had gifted it to them, and asked if they would be able to make another one and that this time they will pay for it.

The company assured them that the replacement will be done by the evening of the same day, and firmly refused to accept any payment.

Originally, the plan was to deliver the monument on the same day and lifted it the next day. First, for safety reasons, since there was a very high number of people on the scene for the events planned for Independence Day. Second, there was no way a crane would be able to break through the crowds.

However, the protesters insisted that the Fist was put in its place immediately. A crane was already available all day in the Martyrs’ Square, lifting people up. And so it was that the Fist in its version 0.2 was erected high and strong to take part in the celebrations of Lebanon Independence Day.

With the word “Revolution” on a side, and “For the homeland” on the other side, the Fist clearly makes its statement.

As it was said before, the Lebanese people are too powerful now. This is the power that freedom and unity infuse the individuals in their collectivity. They can no longer be held back by any form of aggression. Instead, they rise again and again like the Fist of the revolution. 

That arsonist and whoever behind him did not burn down the revolution, like the thug who recorded it was happily droning. It has only fueled it to keep going stronger than ever.

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