The Lebanese People Are Petitioning World Leaders To Freeze Politicians’ Assets

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The Lebanese people have been suffering the enduring consequences of neglectful politicians and governments for many many years. Nothing new.

Now comes the explosion that shook Lebanon’s capital to contribute to the worsening of the Lebanese people’s lives.

And now they are raging…

Protests have taken to the streets of Lebanon, demonstrations have started around the world with the diaspora mobilizing, and new petitions launched to demand justice and urgent intervention.

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The voices of the people protesting for about 10 months now haven’t been heard nor heeded by politicians who refuse to budge, a government who doesn’t comprehend the urgency of implementing reforms, a ruling body that is oblivious of their real responsibilities towards its citizens, and a state that is ruled by sectarian politics.

The apocalyptic explosion of this week got the people to say “enough is enough,” considering that it was caused by neglect from the state and at least two of its institutions, and probably corruption.

People are now questioning how much have been cashed to store and keep these highly dangerous materials in the port for years.

That said, 2 petitions just launched to urge the world’s leaders to freeze the Lebanese politicians’ assets outside Lebanon.

The first petition is addressed to the President of the United States, the U.S Department of the Treasury, and the United Nations as a plea for help to return the stolen funds to their original owners, the people of an “uprising Lebanon”.

In the same context, the second petition is addressed to four of the top world leaders, the World Bank, and the European Parliament and Commission in an attempt to reclaim the Lebanese people’s money and rights.

The future of Lebanon is in the hands of its people as this a crucial point in the history of Lebanon.

The time has come for us to ensure that our rightful demands are met, and our needed reforms are being granted, so we will rise, once and for all, from the ashes, like a true Lebanese Phoenix…

Like the determined and resilient Lebanese we always have been.

Because Lebanon is the people.

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