Meet The Renowned Lebanese Photographer Roger Moukarzel Telling Stories Through His Lens

Roger Moukarzel

Since the age of 15, the globally recognized Lebanese photographer Roger Moukarzel has been working and influencing “the world of image” for years now.

Moukarzel first started as a war photographer for respected news networks, Sygma and Reuters, during the 1980s.

He also published his work in several major newspapers and magazines, namely the Washington Post, Newsweek, and the cover of Paris Match’s 40th-anniversary issue.

Initially, his work focused on his war-torn homeland and the Middle East region, as he captured the full impact of conflict and the harsh reality with his camera lens.

Described as a man of many visions, Moukarzel moved to France in the 90s, where his career expanded to the world of fashion and advertising, documentary-making, and artistic photography as a way for him to reflect on freedom through art and diversity.

The Lebanese photographer’s passion for heritage has also led him to travel the world to explore, celebrate, and embrace the diversity of cultures through the power of the picture.

Additionally, what started as a personal journey for Moukarzel became international exhibitions in Lebanon, France, and Singapore, as well as various works in Europe, Asia, and throughout the MENA region.

He also published many books, including Green Gold, Creative Lives, Afrisoul, and Le Voile, among others.

He also launched his production house Minime 15 years ago, which became one of the most respected in the Middle East.  

Based in Lebanon, Minime Production is a photo and video production company that has been delivering acknowledged imagery since its launch.

The production company covers a wide geographical area, from Dubai to Mexico and all the way through Italy, Brazil, Morocco, France, and South Africa. 

Whether through film, photography, or art direction, Roger Mourkarzel currently could be described as a veteran in storytelling through pictures, videos, and art.

Here is a glimpse at some more of his work:

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