7 Lebanese Photographers That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Lebanon’s Beauty


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You’ve been seeing a lot of TikToks, Reels, and pictures across the internet showcasing the beauty of Lebanon, but who are the people behind this content?

Numerous Lebanese photographers have been taking pictures of places you might have never seen or filming sites you want to discover all over again.

We have gathered a list of talented Lebanese photographers you should definitely follow:

Dann, @lebanonbydann

Dann’s photography and video editing style can be described as cinematic and detailed. He lets his followers discover hidden gems. Dann is also currently creating “1 Minute in the Life of Lebanese Icons”; his guests so far have been Regina Fenianos and Alexa Kiame.

Joanne Shalala, @joannashalala

Joanne, a Lebanese-Australian photographer, specializes in food and product photography. She travels all over Lebanon to take breathtaking pictures to show how beautiful Lebanon is.

Ihab Fayad, @ihabfayad

Ihab’s shots made it to National Geographic. He takes beautiful aerial photographs, allowing viewers to admire Lebanese villages, cities, and landscapes from a new point of view.


They are uniquely capturing the beauty of Lebanon by applying dreamy and vintage aesthetics to the photos. “Passionate about Beirut and its spirit” is how this artist/photographer describes their page. Immerse yourself in this fantastic world.

Diala Shuhaiber, @framewithaview

Diala makes her dreams come true in photos. Aside from working on weddings, events, fashion, jewelry, and food, she spends her time capturing gorgeous Lebanese scenery and buildings.

Maher Barake, @maherbarake

If you fear heights, don’t go to Maher’s page. As a photographer, videographer, and drone operator Maher can take pictures and make videos from high in the sky. Find on his page magnificent urban and rural landscapes.

Carlos Haidamous, @carloshaidamous

Another aerial cinematographer that takes his drone on journeys around Lebanon is Carlos Haidamous. His work was featured at the Expo2020 in Dubai and is also available in print on his page. Carlos is the creator of the puzzle Beirut, beyond pieces.

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