Lebanese PM Mikati’s Call For Periodic Meetings Raised Doubts About His Intentions

Washington Report On Middle East Affairs

Away from any new attempt by the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati to form a government that precedes the end of President Michel Aoun’s term, the Lebanese PM is reportedly trying to “develop” the work of his current government in a veiled manner.

Sources had reported invitations sent from Mikati to ministers with the aim of holding meetings in the Serail, which are described as “periodic meetings.”

Ministerial sources were surprised by the “expansion” of the framework of the ministerial presence today, but they affirmed their keenness to meet these invitations if meant to serve the national interest.

Some ministers are reportedly dealing cautiously with Mikati’s call, as the “ambiguity” of the purpose of these sessions, devoid of any specific agenda, raises many questions for them.

In response to rumors that this meeting will be a “lined” government session, Mikati’s sources indicated to local media that the meeting is “normal and not a government session, and the invitation was exaggerated more than its size.”

The sources stated that “the diligence of one of the journalists and his presentation of the meetings in this context came as a result of the ministers’ apology for attending.”

A number of ministers apparently had to cancel their prior engagements, especially since eight of them – namely the ministers of tourism, environment, information, culture, energy, industry, economy, and communications – had confirmed their attendance at the opening of the “Forest of Eternal Love” in Kfardebian, at the invitation of the Green Cedar of Lebanon association.

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