Poorer Lebanese Students Are Missing Out on Education Due to Coronavirus


As Lebanon’s schools have decided to close down, the social stratification between students in public and private schools is beginning to rear its ugly head in the age of Coronavirus.

As those in private schools are benefitting from the luxury of online learning, those studying in public schools are missing out on their education.

Given that the Ministry of Education is choosing to go on with the state examinations, private school students are going to have a significant edge over those studying in public school.

Students in public schools oftentimes do not have the privilege of owning working computers or smartphones that would allow them to partake in online learning even if public schools had the ability to host online courses.

Even those taking online courses are suffering a bit as Lebanon’s internet is not enough to hold these classes in an efficient manner as those living in other countries.

Karim Zarzour, a specialist in the field of technology, says that the Ministry of Communications had increased the capacity of use without improving the quality.

A Cabinet session had recently taken place between the ministries of education, communications, and media where it was proposed that Lebanon should return to the days of the Civil War where interactive educational programs were run on the state-owned TeleLiban to educate the students.

It is fair to say that the 2019-2020 academic year is one of the unluckiest years to be a student at a public institution in Lebanon.

As the students have already lost many days to the ongoing political unrest that the country faced since the beginning of its revolution, the Coronavirus is only another huge hurdle in continuing their education.

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Via Anadolu Agency

Students attending private institutions don’t have to worry about missing out on their education, because a lot of their courses and lectures can be accessed online.

Their curriculum is being covered, which can’t be said the same for students of public schools and underprivileged groups.

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