Lebanese Pound Drops And Unrest Fills The Streets

TDS/Mohamad Azakir | LebanonDebate

The Lebanese pound, or lira, has dropped after maintaining a steady rate earlier this week as protests break out across Lebanon.

On Thursday, the pound was trading at 8,900 LBP against the dollar on the black market. Black market traders were selling the dollar for around 8,925 LBP and buying it for 8,875 LBP.

As the pound drops, anger against the government is manifesting in the streets of Lebanon. Protests are erupting across the country as Lebanese suffer deteriorating conditions.

In Tripoli, protesters have taken to the streets for the fourth day in a row despite the high tension and lethal force used against them by the security forces.

On Wednesday night, the ISF used live ammunition against the protesters which lead to the death of a protester named Omar Taiba and left another in critical condition.

Across Beirut, Sidon, Tyre, and other Lebanon cities, protesters have taken to the streets in solidarity with the protesters in Tripoli who are facing intense clashes with authorities.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s politicians are still prolonging the formation of a government that would rescue the country…

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