Lebanese Press Syndicate Just Condemned The Kidnapping Of Journalists By Hezbollah

The Lebanese Press Syndicate issued a statement denouncing Hezbollah’s kidnapping of two foreign journalists who were reporting on the fuel crisis in the southern suburbs of Beirut.  

On Monday, British reporter Matthew Kynaston and German freelance reporter Stella Männer were detained and kidnapped by Hezbollah agents. It is only after the intervention of the British and German embassies that they handed over to Lebanese General Security and later released.

“Lebanon, in which everything has collapsed except for the minimum number of freedoms, must adhere to freedom in its various aspects, specifically freedom of opinion in both theory and practice,” stressed the Lebanese Press Syndicate.

The syndicate noted that the kidnapping of foreign journalists gives the world further evidence of the overall deterioration of the country.

It called on security and judicial authorities to identify and take action against the Hezbollah members involved in the kidnapping.