This Is How A Lebanese Priest Spent Labor Day

Father Majdi Allawi, a Lebanese priest, decided to celebrate Labor Day in his own way. For those of you who do not know him, Father Allawi is the founder of “Bonheur du Ciel”; an association that helps the homeless and the people who suffer from drug addiction. He also founded “Snack and Café” which is a

restaurant that serves free food for homeless

and needy families. This year on Labor Day, people were surprised to see Father Allawi

cleaning the streets with Sukleen

, helping out at a gas station, serving at a restaurant, and serving popcorn in a movie theatre. All he wanted to do was to give a hand to people who contribute greatly to our everyday lives. He calls business owners to treat their workers and employees well since their help is making businesses grow. The message behind his action is truly beautiful. Let us thank laborers not only on May 1


, but also every day.

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