Lebanese Private Schools 2022-2023 Tuition Must Now Be Paid In Fresh Dollars

Lycee National Schools

Most of the private school administrations in Lebanon have set a portion of the tuition in fresh dollars for the year 2022-2023, ranging between $400 and $600 for each student annually, in addition to an amount of no less than 9,000,000 LL, and re-registration and school uniforms.

Parents’ opinions were divided, between those agreeing and those disproving.

Some expressed their support for the schools’ decision, given that most of the costs of life became paid in fresh dollars. They emphasized that their priority is that their children acquire quality education.

Other parents considered that the amount is too much at a time when public sector employees’ salaries and part of the private sector are still in the Lebanese currency at an exchange rate that does not exceed 8,000 LL.

The Educational Expert and Director of the Waznat Foundation for Consultations, Samir Constantine, considers that the schools’ decision is a logical matter, regardless of the amount, as they find themselves obliged to collect sums in dollars in order to purchase fuel, maintenance, and development of information and computer programs.

He explained that teachers in a significant number of schools refuse to renew the signing of contracts without including receiving part of the salary in fresh dollars. Here the schools had to raise the percentage to more than $300.

Otherwise, the schools do not pay their teachers what they demand, which will lead to a comprehensive, long strike next year.