Meet The Professional Lebanese MMA Fighter Youssef Wehbe


Youssef (The Silverback) Wehbe is a Lebanese Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. Born and raised in Beirut, Wehbe first started training in Muay-Thai at the age of 16, when he moved to Thailand.

Youssef claims he chose fighting, as a sport he fell in love with and not for monetary aspirations. Despite his passion for the sport, the journey to Martial Arts wasn’t made easy for him.

On numerous occasions, he had to sleep at the gyms where he trained, and he took his first fight as a pro at the age of 18, to be able to cover his expenses.

Wehbe transitioned from Muay-Thai to MMA at the age of 19 and, although he started finding fame, he always maintained a temperate lifestyle and didn’t dive into indulgencies, contrary to the norm with most MMA fighters now.

Youssef mainly fought in Brave FC and UAE warriors. However, the biggest accomplishment in which he takes pride was representing Lebanon where he captured the Desert Force Title for the lightweight class (70 kg) after a unanimous decision win against Morocco’s Mohammad Treiki.

Initially trained as a Muay-Thai fighter, Youssef has superb striking, but he has also developed a dominant grappling game and good submission defense.

However, enduring adversity and resilience are his biggest assets, as he has mentioned, “I always like to show that I have heart, and I’m here to represent my country”.

Youssef has more than 30 Pro fights in MMA and Kickboxing combined. Currently, he isn’t fighting, since he is more focused on coaching young MMA fighters and sharing with them his knowledge and experience.