10+ Lebanese Products That Can Easily Replace Your Favorite Imports

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As Lebanon’s economy continues to tumble and the lira’s exchange rate rises rapidly, prices in Lebanon have soared over 70%.

A large part of the problem lies in Lebanon’s heavy reliance upon imports, which have become more expensive to bring into the country because of the dollar’s issue, and subsequently even more expensive for consumers to purchase.

While some imports are unavoidable, there are countless domestically made products you can, and should, switch to today to save money and support the national economy.

#1 Hazella or Gurmex instead of Nutella

Nutella’s thick, sweet choco spread is delicious, but for many, it is now unworthy of its staggering price point.

Instead, you can switch to the domestically-made Hazella or Gurmex for your chocolate fix.

#2 Al-Rifai Peanut Butter instead of Jif

Kids are used to growing up with a Jif or Skippy’s peanut butter sandwich in their lunchbox.

Consider switching to Al-Rifai’s peanut butter for an equally yummy yet cheaper alternative.

#3 Cosmaline instead of Ultra Doux Shampoo

Ultra Doux and Garnier shampoo bottles and products are common fixtures of Lebanese bathrooms.

We suggest switching to Cosmaline, a Lebanese-made soap brand that offers a similar range of products and quality.  

#4 Classic Instant Coffee instead of Nescafé

Most people need a good cup of coffee to start their day, but is that fenjen worth Nestle’s increasing prices?

Consider alternatives from supermarkets like Spinneys and Happy to simultaneously help get your day started and help your wallet.  

#5 Unica instead of Twix

Unica is a chocolate bar proudly made in Lebanon that anyone would be happy to munch on in place of foreign candies like Twix or Snickers.

#6 Marie France instead of Victoria’s Secret

Offering great quality lingerie and clothing at exuberantly better price points, Marie France is a wonderful and widely available Lebanese-based alternative to pricey foreign brands.

#7 Lebanese wine instead of Ste. Michelle

Lebanon has several famous wineries. You’d be at a loss if you turned to pricey foreign brands instead of sipping on something domestic, and deliciously so, like Ksara or Ixsir.

Lebanon has also 100% Lebanese-made vodka, Secretterre, if vodka is your preferred choice of drink, and also Gin.

#8 Lebanese beer instead of Corona

Corona is not what you should currently desire, no pun intended.

Alcoholic beverages are not immune to inflationary prices, but luckily there are many Lebanese-made beers you can purchase like Almaza, Colonel Beer, or Beirut Beer, as well as places to enjoy craft beer.

#9 Rim or Saha instead of Perrier

Instead of quenching your thirst this summer with Perrier or San Pellegrino, consider trying a Lebanese-made eau gazeuse like Rim or Saha.

#10 Lebanese Mouneh Brands instead of Bonne Maman

Natural Mouneh products don’t lack in Lebanon. On the contrary, Mouneh is part of our long-standing household traditions since even before import was a thing, and even before supermarkets existed in Lebanon.

Lebanese-made mouneh products are even better. They are made from the blessings of our land and nature, they are natural, they are not mass-produced, and they are not subjected to long periods of warehouse storage and transit.

That’s said, Lebanese mouneh is found everywhere in Lebanon, and at more affordable prices.

Mymouné, for instance, makes award-winning all-natural specialties harvested at the foot of Mount Sannnine.

From The Village, is another local brand providing many healthy products from the loving work of the Lebanese villagers.

Feryal Boutique in Beirut is also a good place for you to acquire healthy and natural mouneh.

#11 Sikasok instead of Hanes

The most neglected part of our outfits tends to be our socks, which is precisely why Lebanese brand Sikasok was created.

Instead of Hanes’s boring white or Nike’s overpriced ones, turn to Sikasok for an affordable, diverse, and fun selection of socks.

#12 Le Camembert instead of Coeur de Lion

According to our fans, Le Camembert by Jarjoura Dairy can easily replace Coeur de Lion. Jarjoura Dairy has been producing authentic Lebanese natural products to meet the daily needs of the Lebanese household, from Labneh, Laban, and Areeshe to a variety of cheeses.

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