Watch How A Lebanese In Minnesota Is Protecting His Business From Riots

Lebanese-German Ben Footh is defending his auto sales business
Instagram/Ben Footh

In Minnesota, the epicenter of the anti-racism protests that have been raging across the United States, a car dealer of Lebanese-German origin is doing what he needs to do to protect his auto business.

Ben Footh, the owner of Footh Auto Sales in South St. Paul, Minnesota, recently made a controversial online appearance after the tragic death of George Floyd and the protests that ensued, which are sometimes involving acts of vandalism.

Armed with an assault rifle and a bulletproof vest, Footh, alongside a group of similarly armed men, has been trading shifts defending the car dealership from any attempts of vandalism or arson.

Not gonna let this place burn.”

Footh asserted that his stand is not intended to convey any political or non-political messages. However, he is willing to do what it takes to protect the business that he had worked hard for years to build and maintain.

A while after releasing the video, he came out with a second one, this time at night, to put some things in the right perspective and respond to some of the bashful reactions he got for his unusual appearance.

“There are exclusions in our insurance policy for wars and riots, where the military is deployed,” he said in the new video, explaining again that he is only taking action to defend the business that he had “built from the ground up,” a decade ago.

“I understand that people have a right to protest but you do not have a right to burn down my business,” Footh insisted.

The car dealer, who is a regular at shooting ranges, mentioned that he got called out for racism by some haters on his first video.

He then explained that he himself is of Lebanese-German origin and a “first-generation business owner.” He said that the recurring claims that he is racist come from people who “don’t know the first thing” about him.

“Say hello to my little friend!”

“Yes, we are armed. Yes, we have weapons. No, we’re not idiots. Our purpose is just to be here tomorrow so we can sell more cars,” he summarized his position.

Reactions to his new video have been mostly supportive of his right to protect himself, his employees, his vehicles, and his business.

Watch both of Ben Footh’s aforementioned videos below:

Wednesday, June 3rd, marks the 8th consecutive day of riots in the United States, in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody on May 25th.

On that note, after these events began to escalate in America, this 2020 Michel Hayek prediction ran viral for hitting the bullseye.

People in Lebanon have taken interest in the ongoing events in the United States. Lebanese revolutionaries on Twitter went on comparing them, with some humor, to their experiences during the revolution, and even tweeting advice and tips for the protesters in America.

Some Lebanese activists have even compiled an extensive guide called “From Beirut to Minneapolis.”

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