Lebanese Protesters Outside Baabda Palace Demand President’s Resignation

Lebanese Protesters Outside Baabda Palace Demand President's Resignation
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An anti-corruption protest was held outside the Presidential Palace in Baabda, Mount Lebanon on Saturday, amid tight security measures.

The protesters started their movement at the Chevrolet Intersection in the afternoon and reached the Baabda Palace while chanting against the political class and calling for the formation of an independent transitional government.

They called on President Michel Aoun to “listen to the demands of his people for achieving justice and holding the corrupt accountable.”

They also demanded “the resignation of the three presidents” in light of the dire economic and social conditions that the Lebanese people are suffering from, urging the exposure of those responsible for the Beirut Port explosion.

In a statement read out during the demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace, the protesters stressed that the current authority “cannot be entrusted with rescuing nor managing a state, nor with the fulfillment of the aspirations of a people that lacks the basic necessities of life, such as medicine, food, and electricity, and which is on the verge of hunger.”

They emphasized “the necessity of the resignation of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate, to whom we will send a message in front of his house next Wednesday.”

These resignations, along with that of the Speaker of Parliament, would represent “the foundations for forming new constitutional authorities to build a new system,” the protesters stated.

Such a system, the statement read, would be based on “democracy, secularism, social justice, and administrative decentralization, and on accountability and law enforcement.”

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Lebanese Protesters Outside Baabda Palace Demand President's Resignation

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