Lebanese Activists Made A Valid Guide In Solidarity With American Protesters

Nabil Ismail

After a wave of demonstrations sparked across the United States, protesters in Lebanon decided to create a guide to help the American people protesting stay safe.

Last week, the Lebanese people of the revolution took to Twitter using humor to compare the riots in America with the protests of Lebanon, under the hashtag امريكا_تنتفض# (America revolts).

That was quickly followed by the viral hashtag نصائح_للثوار_بأميركا# (Advice to American Protesters) with the Lebanese giving their personal tips of advice according to their experiences.

However, some Lebanese activists took it to the next step and actually wrote a helpful guide to American protesters with tips and everything they need to know to make it through. They called it “From Beirut To Minneapolis.”

The guide covers every topic you can think of, from how to deal with tear gas, what to wear to the protests, what to keep in your backpack, what to do if you get arrested, various behavioral tips, digital tips like how to minimize location tracking, and much more.

In it, the authors wrote, “In solidarity with protesters in Minneapolis and other American cities, Lebanese technologists, protesters, and activists put together this document as a guide for escalating protests and documenting police abuse.”

“We recognize that our experiences and lived realities are different,” they wrote, “but in the same way that we’ve found solidarity with Hong Kong and Chile protesters, we wanted to extend ours to others.”

World watches America protests in horror but US racism seen before ...
Image Credit: AFP

From Beirut To Minneapolis” is quite extensive with pertinent guidelines and neatly presented in sections and bullet points.

Reading through, one could see how much the Lebanese protesters have learned from their tough experiences during their long months of the revolution.

They have been smart in gradually implementing what they were learning in order to overcome obstacles and undertake their civil revolt in organized unity.

It certainly tells how equipped they are to keep the Lebanese revolution alive.

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