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Lebanese Protesters In Tripoli Warn Vandals To Stop Destroying Their City (Video)


The protesting residents of Tripoli have sent a clear warning to those vandalizing their city to stop what they are doing at once.

This comes after a number of unidentified people claiming to be part of the protest in Tripoli set fire to several buildings across the city, including the historic municipality of Tripoli.

The building held such high reserve almost as a landmark building in the city. From afar, protesters watched somberly as it was engulfed in flames after rioters stormed it and set it ablaze on Thursday night.

Condemning what happened, the protesters of Tripoli say they want to protect their city, aka the Bride of the Revolution, from being taken advantage of by rioters or insurgents with different agendas.

“Those who are breaking (our city), we will break their hands!” one of them threatened, obviously furious at the material damage caused by delinquents and arsonists.

“The protesters (of Tripoli) are innocent [of the destruction]!”

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Lebanese Protesters In Tripoli Warn Vandals To Stop Destroying Their City (Video)

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