Lebanese Protesters Demand Reforms Aboard The ‘Train Of The Revolution’

Lebanese Protesters Demand Reforms Aboard The 'Train Of The Revolution

The “Train of the Revolution” took off once again on Sunday afternoon to distribute a statement to local TV and radio stations.

The “Train,” which is a mobile demonstration, began its Sunday journey at 2 PM from the headquarters of Télé Liban in Beirut to distribute its “Rescue Plan Statement” to other local stations.

During its journey, the Train was also supposed to deliver the statement to each of Radio Lebanon and the National News Agency (NNA) after a demonstration in front of the Interior Ministry.

However, confrontations between protesters and security forces put an abrupt end to its scheduled path, prompting the event’s organizers to cut it short after the protest outside the Interior Ministry, according to the NNA.

Some reports claimed that a protest was held in front of caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab‘s residence in Tallat Al-Khayyat, but Diab‘s media office later denied that any gathering had taken place outside his house.

During the demonstration, representative of the “Free Syndicate Members” Farah Haddad made a speech in which she called for the formation of a rescue government made up of independent specialists with exceptional power from outside the political class.

The call for the formation of a rescue government that would lead the first step toward Lebanon’s recovery has not only been a popular one but also an important international one deemed vital for unlocking international support for Lebanon.

However, despite the recurrent calls and the ongoing collapse, Lebanon has remained without a government ever since caretaker PM Diab resigned in August, following the Beirut explosion.

Meanwhile, the economic, financial, and social crises in the country have been rapidly deteriorating, expected to only grow worse in the wake of the dominating political vacuum.

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