Lebanese Protesters Turned the Highway into a Parking Lot to Stand on their Ground!

Throughout the seven days of continuous protests occurring in Lebanon, protesters in Jal El Dib have had its main road blocked, and yesterday Wednesday was no different. Except for the fact that the army had clearly been ordered to unblock several roads around the country by force yesterday; roads which include that of Jal El Dib, at the northern outskirt of Beirut.


The Lebanese Army deployed a large number of soldiers in the area where the protests were taking place in Jal El Dib and ordered them to clear the road and bridge of any obstructions.

They succeeded in carrying out their orders, pushing and holding the protesters to the side of the road. In a spontaneous united reaction, people by the mass went on parking their cars in the middle of the double highway, side by side, and in queues, all the way to the city of Zalka, rendering the highways totally impenetrable.


In detail, around noon on Wednesday, October 23rd, frictions occurred between the protesters and the Lebanese army requesting they open the road and allow vehicles to pass.

With the protesters refusing, the soldiers present in Jal El Dib proceeded to clear the blocked street by force, even dragging and shoving the demonstrators away from the center of the road; a move which protesters did not concur with.

In defense, the protesters pushed back and persisted in refusing to clear the streets, all while being wary not to cross the line or disrespect or engage the soldiers.


However, the overwhelming number of deployed soldiers ended managing to move people off the road. Such action from the army incited more people to come down to the site of the protest to assist their fellow demonstrators and stand by them. 

It is worth noting that, later that day, the army deployed a bulldozer to deal with the considerable number of cars parked on the highway. We do know that our army people are not happy to be in such situations these days and being forced to force their orders on their own civilian people. 


While the protests increase in response to the very disappointing brief speech of the president today, the protestors are starting to organize a focus plan, and we do invite them all to read this important article on how to effectively and constitutionally win the revolution.

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