Lebanese Psychiatric Society Just Shared Recommendations To Manage The Trauma Around August 4th


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Disclaimer: The article contains descriptive content on the topic of the Beirut Port explosion that some readers may find triggering. Reader’s discretion is advised.

For the second year, the Lebanese people are commemorating the anniversary of the Beirut Blast on August 4.

To many people, this and the following days revive the traumatic experience they had to go through following the explosion.

To lessen the feeling of trauma and stress that will be generated through videos, pictures, and footage of the blast, the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) issued some recommendations to help people cope:

  • The LPS recommends that traumatized people minimize their exposure to social media for the next three days.
  • For people posting real footage, photos, or videos of the blast or its aftermath, they should label it as “Trigger Warning.”
  • Lastly, the LPS also states that each person remembers the day differently, and each one grieves or commemorates it in their way, as “there is no right or wrong way.”

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone, please reach out to the friendly team at Embrace at 1564.

The 244+ Beirut Blast Victims, Remember Their Names.

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العربية Français

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